Aug 25, 2022

ekea: E3SM Kernel Extraction and Analysis

Welcome to the E3SM Kernel Extraction and Analysis (ekea).

ekea is a kernel extraction and analysis tool customized for the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM). ekea is a Python module and command-line tool that can be downloaded using the Python package manager (pip). With ekea, a user can extract a part of E3SM code and make the extracted code(kernel) compilable independently from the E3SM. ekea also generates input data to drive the kernel execution and out-type data to verify the correctness of the execution. With combined the extracted kernel code and generated data, user can perform various software engineering tasks such as performance optimization, GPU porting, simulation validation, debugging, unit testing, and more without depending on the E3SM as well as the system.

As of this version, ekea supports MPAS Ocean model and EAM model.

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